In this post I was interested in 9th century Temples, Borobudur in Indonesia and the Great Mosque of Samarra in Iraq. Borobudur is one if the largest Buddhist temples and a UNESCO world heritage site. There are 504 complete statues of Buddha, 72 of which are completely enclosed in a perforated stone Stupa so you […]

In the last post I talked about some of the faults of architectural education, their needs to be more focus of architectural history. Too many students only know what has been taught in class or the architectural history “cannon”, the same famous buildings that have been taught forever. Their needs to be a new approach […]

  One of the faults of architectural history in schools today is that they teach the same “cannon” approach giving a linear story of the same structures every year. Most architecture students can only name a couple famous structures throughout history. My posts have brought multiple structures together from the same time period in completely […]

This post I wanted to research 11th century architecture and I found in America the Mesa Verde National Park, as well as in Africa the Great Zimbabwe National Monument. Both of these sites are UNESCO world heritage sites and the first of their kind. I chose these two cities because they were totally separated from […]

This post I’m moving foreword through history and talking about an issue that is going on throughout architecture communities and its schools today.   Architecture schools are for preparing its students for professional practices when they graduate. In my mind a successful school is one that teaches you as much as they can in the […]

This post I will be comparing 5th century churches in Constantinople and Palestine (modern day Turkey and Israel). During the 5th century Constantinople was the new center of the Roman Empire while Rome, the western half of the Roman Empire, was stagnant. There needed to be a defining structure in Constantinople and in 532A.D. the […]